Piccolo Mondo

Tel. 0583 55265

Menu for tourist groups

pizza for lunch

Choose the tourist menu that suits you the best.We offer fixed-price menus with the possibility of adding extras.Drop in, or call +39 0583 55265 for more information and reservations.

First course menu

  • first course;
  • a second course with side dish (except, in particular, fish and rib-eye steak) or a big salad;
  • dessert or pudding;
  • bread;
  • water (50 ml) or a soft drink (33 ml) or a glass of wine.

Additional charges

Any additional order (soft drinks, wine, beer etc.), if not directly agreed on booking, will be paid for in cash (by the individual customer or the leader of the group) and the price will correspond to the one on the price list.

Menu structure

Given the seasonal and weekly structures of our menus, its hard to tell which courses will be served at what time.The choice will be made at the time of booking, depending on the time and dates chosen.


Reservations should be made one week in advance, and the date, time, number of customers, chosen menu, prices and payment method will have to be confirmed by fax or e-mail. Any changes must be communicated via fax or e-mail at least 48 hours in advance.

Method of payment:

  • advance bank transfer;
  • cash;
  • credit card/POS;
  • free of charge: one meal (from the same type of menu chosen for the group) for the group leader or driver for every 25 paying customers.
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