Piccolo Mondo

Tel. 0583 55265

Takeaway meals and pizza

Piccolo Mondo offers a convenient takeaway service for pizzas and ready cooked meals.Our offerings change every day and include specialities from the Mediterranean, Tuscany and Lucca.Thanks to theself-service and rotisserie service, our customers can look, choose and decide what to take away.

Takeaway service for ready meals and deli specialities

Our ready meals takeaway service is ideal if you want to organise a dinner without having to think about cooking or spending hours in the kitchen.Thanks to the high-quality ingredients and the skills of our Chef, you will definitely be able to offer your guests an excellent meal.The takeaway service is also ideal when you don't feel like cooking, and just want to enjoy something really tasty and delicious, or take a quick lunch break with your colleagues in the office, or in the open air on sunny days.

The takeaway menu includes all our dishes: from starters to first courses, from second courses to mixed salads, from side dishes to desserts.

You can also book by calling us on +39 0583 55265.You'll find your order ready at the scheduled time, and packaged in containers that can keep your food warm for as long as possible.

Takeaway service in Lucca

Pizza and ready meals in the centre of Lucca

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